Book review: Botanicum, by Kathy Willis and illustrated by Katie Scott

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A few weeks ago, I discovered a large and unexpected package in our mailbox. What a lovely surprise to find this gigantic book from one of our dear friends! This week, I’m sharing this lovely gift with you: Botanicum written by Kathy Willis and illustrated by Katie Scott.

The idea behind the books of the “Welcome to the Museum” series is so clever: they invite the reader to follow along like if they were visiting a museum exhibition. As you can probably tell with the title and cover of the book, this one is all about the plant kingdom.

Kathy Willis does a wonderful job explaining how the plant kingdom is organized, how plants work and why they are so important to our ecosystem. The scientific information in this book is clear, easy to understand and very interesting.

However, this book would not be half as fascinating if it weren’t for the wonderful illustrations by Katie Scott. I love how detailed and precise her images are. I also noted that she created her illustrations in pen and ink in black and white before colouring them digitally. It’s interesting to see that she uses the same process as Jessica Roux. I love how rich and crisp the pictures are. It makes everything seem alive and fresh.

Her style also makes the illustrations modern without losing the perspective of botanical illustration. It’s mesmerizing to turn page after page and to see yet again a wonderful illustration. The colours are intense and radiant, and the level of detail enables to reader to get completely lost in each plant.

Overall, I think this book would make the perfect gift for any nature lover or biologist-at-heart and would make a great addition to any book collection. The scientific information is clear and interesting, while the pictures are simply magical. What a wonderful gift!

Botanicum, by Kathy Willis and illustrated by Katie Scott, Big Picture Press

Book review: Botanicum, par Kathy Willis et illustré par Katie Scott

Il y a quelques semaines, j’ai découvert un colis énorme et inattendu dans notre boîte aux lettres. Quelle belle surprise de trouver ce livre gigantesque d’une de nos chères amies ! Cette semaine, je partage ce beau cadeau avec vous : Botanicum écrit par Kathy Willis et illustré par Katie Scott.

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L’idée des livres de la série “Bienvenue au musée” est si brillante : ils invitent le lecteur à les suivre comme s’ils visitaient une exposition de musée. Comme vous pouvez probablement le deviner grâce au titre et à la couverture du livre, celui-ci traite du règne végétal.

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Kathy Willis fait un travail formidable en expliquant comment le règne végétal est organisé, comment les plantes fonctionnent et pourquoi elles sont si importantes pour notre écosystème. Les informations scientifiques contenues dans ce livre sont claires, faciles à comprendre et tellement intéressantes.

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Cependant, ce livre ne serait pas aussi captivant sans les magnifiques illustrations de Katie Scott. J’aime la précision et le détail de ses images. J’ai également remarqué qu’elle a créé ses illustrations à la plume et à l’encre en noir et blanc avant de les colorier numériquement. Il est intéressant de voir qu’elle utilise le même procédé que Jessica Roux. J’aime la richesse et la netteté des images. Cela donne l’impression que tout est vivant et frais.

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Son style rend également les illustrations modernes sans perdre la perspective de l’illustration botanique. C’est fascinant de tourner page après page et de voir une fois de plus une magnifique illustration. Les couleurs sont intenses et rayonnantes, et le niveau de détail permet au lecteur de se perdre complètement dans chaque plante.

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Dans l’ensemble, je pense que ce livre serait le cadeau parfait pour tout amoureux de la nature ou tout biologiste dans l’âme et est un bel ajout à n’importe quelle bibliothèque. Les informations scientifiques sont claires et intéressantes, tandis que les images sont tout simplement magiques. Quel merveilleux cadeau !

Botanicum, de Kathy Willis et Katie Scott, Big Picture Press

Weekly News 03-11-2019

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Atelier News

This week, it’s all about the plants! I’ve been collecting indoor plants for many years now, and I finally feel like my collection is on point. I found many of the plants I wanted to own, and they are all thriving. I’d like to think I’m doing something right, but to be honest, it’s probably just the great sunlight we have coming in!

Plants have been a huge relief while dealing with this concussion as they have provided beauty and comfort when all I could do was sit and look at them. Now that I can do a bit more, I painted them!

I selected 12 of my favourite plants and made them into small watercolors painting. It was really fun to look at the plants in detail and to figure out how to paint some of their leaves. I particularly enjoyed painting the Marantha!

I’m on YouTube!

I’ve been having a lot of fun filming my painting process and sharing short clips to Instagram, but I wanted to try and make longer videos. I’ve decided to make YouTube videos! I like having a different space to share and create content. Now, I’m not a video editing genius, but I like seeing the progress on an entire piece, and I hope you will too!

As a thank you for being on this reading list, you’ve got the first glimpse on my second video. I drew this croton plant, and it was so enjoyable!

I hope you will take a look, like and subcribe to my channel!

New in the Etsy Store

I just needed to make the indoor plants into stickers! I’ve started using them in my planner, and I’m enjoying them so much! They add such a nice freshness and life to everything!

I hope you will enjoy them too!

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